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Sonic Place


Space, as a defining element of art, manifests the importance of context in an artistic proposal.
Here, space is presented as an intrinsic attribute of a specific place, imbricated with it's social and cultural roots and history.
Art presents a constant and timeless relationship with it's place. It is this relationship that Heidegger attributes as responsible for the creation of space.
The art object is not independent from it's place, on the contrary, it aspires to potentialise the interrelation of object, community and memory. Thus, it transforms the place into an ephemeral entity that is only revealed by the human action.
The definition of place was the central theme discussed by this artistic piece for the Bienal de Cerveira and now presetend in Braga in Semibreve Festival.
The challenge and objective is the construction and interpretation of the sonic identity of the place.
This artistic work is presented in the form of an Android Application. The app allows the user to listen and experience new (or re-interpreted) sonic contexts that were assembled from recordings, interviews and real-time audio capture of Vila Nova de Cerveira.



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