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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Sonic Place we want to give everyone the opportunity to do more with what they hear. We feel if everyone listened more intently and was more engaged in the act of paying attention, the world will be a better place.

We also believe when you hear something meaningful you should be able to hold onto it just like you hold on to a photograph. Also like a photograph, some of these audio moments are meant to be public while others are very private. Our goal is to ensure the privacy of your original audio content and the other personal data collected to define your profile. We also want to be transparent about what data we collect, how it is used internally, and how it is shared externally.

Sonic Place Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to our audio-recording mobile software applications (“App”), the website pages located at (“Website”), digital audio files (“Files”). 

Please contact us at with any privacy policy concerns.


Data Sonic Place Collects


When you use the sonic place record button at the app you are recording a digital audio File in a range of audible frequencies.

The Files are stored and upload to The Files are only saved if and only if the user of the Device takes the appropriate physical action to save the current recording. The record duration is typically defined as ten seconds. It is not feasible for the user, or for Sonic place, to retrieve a File outside of the record duration. Sonic Place never saves a File without your express action.


Additional data is attached to a saved File, the date, time, and location. The new contextual data becomes a part of the File and is treated as the File.. If a File is saved it is securely transferred to the website.



Sonic Place App will access your phone’s microphone. The access allows you to record Files within the App. We do not store your phone’s contact list, or any other personal data. 

Website use:

Sonic collects some data from everyone who visits our website.

We collect industry standard log data that records information about your visit, such as your browser type, operating system, the URL of the page that referred you, the different actions you performed, and the IP address from the pages you visited. We use this type of information to provide you with information that’s relevant to your location and to make sure the Site is working properly.

We also collect data from Cookies. Cookies are files sent by servers to web browsers and stored on your computer. Cookies inform where you visited on our Website. Web beacons and pixel tags are images embedded in a webpage or email for the purpose of measuring and analyzing usage and activity to improve the site or email functionality. Kapture may use

third party service providers to analyze online activities and improve our services. Sonic Place may permit these providers to use cookies and other technologies to perform these services for us. 


Data Sonic Place Shares

Sonic Place does not sell any data that could identify you. We only share data about you when it is necessary to provide our services, when the data is de-identified and aggregated, or when you direct us to share it.


Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will only be shared under the following circumstances:

  • If doing so is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, or valid legal process.

  • If we believe, after an investigation that is reasonable given the circumstances, that doing so is necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm to a person.


Other Data Information


Sonic Place  may conduct surveys that help us understand your use of our products and services. Any PII you provide in these surveys will only be used in relation to that survey and as stated in this Policy.

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